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Revive Your Ride with Expert Exterior Auto Detailing at Images Auto Spa.  Our Exterior Detailing Technicians will enhance your car's shine and they will make sure to protect your vehicle's paint. 

BOOK TODAY and Discover the Ultimate Exterior Detailing Solutions for a Showroom Finish.  You will Experience Images Auto Spa Top-Notch Exterior Auto Detailing Services for an Unmatched Brilliance. 

Why Detail the Exterior of My Car?

When Your Car Shines, So Do YOU!

Transform your car's appearance with our professional exterior auto detailing services. Our skilled team meticulously cleans, polishes, and protects your vehicle, leaving it shining like new. Enhance your car's curb appeal and protect its paint from the elements. Book now and enjoy the ultimate in exterior car care!

Detailing the exterior of your car offers several benefits, both aesthetic and practical.

Here are some reasons why detailing the exterior of your car is a good idea:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Regular detailing can significantly improve the overall appearance of your car. It helps to restore the paint's luster and depth, making the color appear more vibrant.

  • Protection from Environmental Elements: Detailing involves applying protective coatings, such as wax or sealants, that act as a barrier against these harmful elements. 

  • Preservation of Resale Value: Regular detailing can help maintain your car's resale value.

  • Easier Cleaning: When your car's exterior is regularly detailed and protected, it becomes easier to clean in the future. 

  • *Removal of Surface Imperfections: Detailing often involves procedures such as polishing and paint correction, which can help remove minor scratches, swirl marks, and other surface imperfections, restoring the paint's smoothness and clarity.

  • Showcasing Your Pride: A well-maintained car exterior reflects the pride you take in your vehicle.

Overall, detailing the exterior of your car is a worthwhile investment to keep your vehicle looking great, protect it from the elements, and maintain its value over time. While you can perform basic detailing yourself, for more comprehensive and professional results, you may consider taking your car to a reputable auto detailing service

Waxing your car is an essential step in maintaining its appearance and protecting the paint from various environmental elements.

Let's Protect Your Vehicle!

For best results consider reapplying wax every few months or as needed, depending on the type of wax and your driving conditions. Regular waxing will not only enhance the car's appearance but also protect the paint from fading and other environmental damage.


Paint correction is a process used in automotive detailing to restore the paintwork's condition and remove imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. The number of stages involved in paint correction can vary depending on the severity of the paint defects and the desired level of correction. 

The number of stages may vary depending on the paint condition and the detailer's approach. Sometimes, more stages are required for severely damaged paint, while a single-stage paint correction may be sufficient for vehicles with minor defects.

However, the three-stage process mentioned below is the most common approach to paint correction. 

  1. Compounding: In the first stage, a cutting compound is used with a machine polisher to remove deeper scratches, swirl marks, and other significant imperfections. This step is the most aggressive and removes a thin layer of the clear coat to level the surface.

  2. Polishing: After compounding, the polishing stage refines the paint surface further. A less abrasive polish is used to eliminate smaller scratches, haze, and remaining imperfections left by the compounding stage. This step restores gloss and clarity to the paint.

  3. Finishing: The finishing stage is the final step in paint correction. It involves using a fine or ultra-fine polish to eliminate any remaining minor imperfections and restore a deep, high-gloss finish. This stage also enhances the clarity and depth of the paint

At Images Auto Spa, we strive to provide the best exterior detailing services available. We understand that your car is not only a prized possession, but an extension of yourself. That’s why we take extra care to ensure that the outside of your car is as clean and comfortable as the inside.

We use only the highest quality products to clean, protect and preserve the exterior in
terior of your car.  We strive to bring back The New Car Feeling.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering a top-notch service that leaves you feeling satisfied. 

Paint Correction Orlando Detailing

Paint Correction Levels

Paint Correction typically involves three main levels, known as single-stage correction, two-stage correction, and multi-stage correction. These levels represent different intensities of paint correction processes, each designed to address specific issues with the vehicle's paintwork.

Waxed car at images customer extremely happy

Simply THE BEST! Highly recommended.  I would not take my car any place else.  Thank you Images!

— Linda Gardner

waxed car at imges auto spa - car detialing orlando

The have the best employees! The entire place is welcoming and they truly care. 

— Michael Smith

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