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Exterior Ceramic Coating

Let's Protect Your Car!

  • Price Varies

Service Description

Ceramic Coating Installation Process Choosing a product: You will be able to choose what product you preferred on your vehicle. We use the highest quality products to achieve the highest results. You can choose our products based on the length of protection they offer. Products that last the longest are the most expensive. Hand Wash/Decontamination: Before every ceramic coating, our experts at Images will go through the decontamination process on your vehicle. We use specialized products to achieve a smooth a flawless paint for the next step in the process. Paint Preparation: Depending on the condition of the vehicle, our experts will determine a plan of action. We use the best polisher, RUPES, to get the paint finish to a flawless shine. Application: The application process is a multi-step application per panel. Curing: Curing time is essentially drying time. After your entire vehicle has been treated with the ceramic coating, it will need to be cured for 24 hours. We have the perfect bay/set up to achieve the best results. Lastly, it's time to pick up your beautiful shiny ride... When your car shines, so do you!

Contact Details

  • 407-896-6366

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