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water usage at Images Auto Spa

Water Usage at Images Auto Spa

Don't be misled by the misconception that washing your car at home is more environmentally friendly. When individuals wash their cars at home, they typically use a standard garden hose, which can release a significant amount of water – up to 6-12 gallons per minute.


Over a ten-minute wash session, this could result in the consumption of over 100 gallons of freshwater. In contrast, professional car washes like Images Auto Spa reduce freshwater usage by approximately 60-65% per car.


Moreover, washing cars on streets and driveways can lead to the runoff of various pollutants, including soils, salt, grease, and chemicals, into storm drains and back into the original water source. This runoff can have adverse effects on the environment, posing risks to people, plants, and animals.


Furthermore, neglecting to wash your car altogether can contribute to cross-contamination as the waste, chemicals, and bio pollutants that accumulate on your car are not properly disposed of through treated channels.


Images Auto Spa is dedicated to conserving water at every stage of the wash process. We employ various technologies to minimize water usage and ensure that every drop is utilized efficiently. From utilizing different types of water – including Reverse Osmosis (RO) purified water, RO Reject water, recycled water, and freshwater – to combining them with our chemistry system and eco-friendly cleaning products, we aim to achieve optimal cleaning results while minimizing environmental impact.

After the wash, all water used is carefully managed. It drains into the main trench and then into underground settling tanks, where heavy sediments are removed, pH levels are balanced, and bacteria are broken down. Images Auto Spa's reclaim system retrieves water from the final tank for reuse on the lower parts of the vehicle, while any unusable water is responsibly returned to the city system, and waste is disposed of responsibly.


Images Auto Spa is continuously improving its wash process, with a dedicated team of experts focused on research and development. We strive to be responsible stewards of water, reducing freshwater usage, increasing efficiency, and protecting the environment across all communities where we operate.

Save Water Wash at Images Auto Spa
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